Friday, September 05, 2008

Generators for Bikes

From a thread on r.b.m. comes this information about finding bike dynamo generators in the U.S. [thanks to Frank Krygowski, and Steve at

Bike dynamos or generators are a bit hard to find in the US, but not
impossible. Here are some American sources:

I've ordered stuff from this British firm and been well satisfied.
Shipping seemed as fast as from most American companies, and with a
valid credit card, location doesn't matter much.


Hub Dynamos
Joule, $65: ""
Shimano, $90 "" or
Schmidt SON, $275: ""

Dymotec, $60, ""
or ""

Also see "" for a 12V/6W dynamo
(all of the above are 6V/3W).

Also search on Amazon U.S. for "bicycle dynamo".

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