Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Logo comparison

Here's the old CBF logo and the new ATA logo.

1. The CBF logo is no thing of beauty.
2. The CBF logo is pretty Chicago centric and bicycle centric.
So, it's a fair statement that if CBF was going to expand their mission, the logo needed to go.

3. The new logo is pretty much as generic as you can get. There are buildings, not not recognizable ones. There's a slash -- is that supposed to be a sidewalk, separating buildings from parkway? There's an unfortunate shade of green in the lower right.
4. The logo shows the determination of ATA to get as far away from its CBF roots as possible. This could be the logo for anything that might occur in or near a gray building, which is most things.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Yes, this sucker is bland beyond belief. The old logo could have used a bit of simplification - more sleek lines, less attempts at realistic drawing - but they've gone WAY too far. It looks like a health insurance logo.